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Communion Apparel

Our communion philosophy at ADRIAN EAST is simple: we still believe that little girls taking their first communion should walk down the aisle looking like little girls, not like miniature brides. Classic, elegant and understated communion dresses are the kind we prefer. Sparkles, if any, are subdued and spangles are essentially outlawed! Instead, we love the subtle elegance of Little Princess silk dresses or Joan Calabrese’s more classic styles. Veils and headbands complete the pretty picture.

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This Month's Offer
This Month's Offer

In February, we again underscore last month’s message about LESS really being more.

With Communion season in full swing, and customers already snatching up the new Easter styles that are arriving daily, we want to again emphasize the fact that little girls don’t NEED sparkles, layers of tulle and extravagant beading.

Keep it simple. Elegant. Refined. Lovely.

For Easter, smocking and tailored lines rule.

For communion, our classic styles are inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  Many of the styles designed by ADRIAN EAST herself.

If you haven’t already, check out one of Adrian’s favorite blogs about the subject .. “First Communion or First Wedding”.

....and follow us on Facebook if you agree that girls need to be little girls! 

....and take a look at a few of our private-label styles:

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