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Our Philosophy

ADRIAN EAST specializes in tasteful, well-made clothing for babies, boys and girls.

We go against the grain. At the ADRIAN EAST boutique, you won’t find cheaply made goods, whirly twirly tutu-type outfits, you won’t find multi-colored crazy quilt outfits made from a pastiche of patterns. You WILL find, understated, tasteful, elegant attire for boys, girls and babies.

We do both classic traditional styling AND fashion-forward, trendy looks.

We do both of them well, but…

our classic, traditional styles won’t have too much lace or look too old-fashioned. Classic, refined, elegant.

our fashion-forward looks are more haute-couture than trashy-trendy.

We believe that children are enough on their own, so we tend to not want to “gild” the lilly.

We do simple well.

Originally Fierson’s, a well-known, bona-fide institution in Westchester, Adrian East added her own unique stamp to the already solid foundation the original store had built.

Since initially purchasing the store in 2002, we have more than quadrupled the store’s christening selections, added classic dresses for first communion from Joan Calabrese , Little Princess and our own very successful all silk private-label line. .

ADRIAN EAST also has a large selection of baby gifts which include sterling silver selections, furniture and some bedding. Either in our brick and mortar store at 122 Kraft Avenue in Bronxville or online, our mission remains undiluted: to offer quality merchandise to customers who want their children dressed like children, not like miniature adults.

Whether you are looking for classic, traditional children’s clothing or fashion forward, trendy styles, you will find a selection that is always tasteful and speaks to a refined elegance that is hard to come by these days!

We strive to offer quality merchandise to customers who want their children impeccably dressed.

We are intent on valuing each customer and earning their trust and respect. To that end, we give you our assurance that we will endeavor to make your shopping experience as informed and enjoyable as possible. We know and love the merchandise that makes it way to the store or on to the site and are happy to pass along our enthusiasm and knowledge to you. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone so that our “personal shoppers” can assist you in making the best possible purchasing decision. Be prepared though, we will not only answer your questions, we will more often than not add in our own expert advice to help you decide on the style and selection that best meets your needs!

We give you our personal assurance that we will not try to “SELL” you something we don’t think is right for you or your child. If we think it’s too old in terms of style, too tight in terms of fit, or too whatever, we WILL TELL you. Our goal is not to make the sale, it is to create a bond with you, our customer, so you will keep coming back to us.

If we think you’ve spent enough on a baby gift for your neighbor’s newborn baby boy, we will TELL you. If we think you don’t need to add booties to the dress you just bought, we will TELL you. For us, honesty is sacred. You, our customer, is sacred.

We hope you enjoy shopping with ADRIAN EAST.

This Month's Offer
fierson moved
fierson moved
This Month's Offer

In February, we again underscore last month’s message about LESS really being more.

With Communion season in full swing, and customers already snatching up the new Easter styles that are arriving daily, we want to again emphasize the fact that little girls don’t NEED sparkles, layers of tulle and extravagant beading.

Keep it simple. Elegant. Refined. Lovely.

For Easter, smocking and tailored lines rule.

For communion, our classic styles are inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  Many of the styles designed by ADRIAN EAST herself.

If you haven’t already, check out one of Adrian’s favorite blogs about the subject .. “First Communion or First Wedding”.

....and follow us on Facebook if you agree that girls need to be little girls! 

....and take a look at a few of our private-label styles:

communion dresses