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First opened in 1960 by Bob and Marilyn Fierson, ADRIAN EAST, a Designer Children’s Clothing Boutique, was formerly known as “Fierson’s”. When Adrian East bought the store in 2002, she initially kept the name as it had become, by then, a bona-fide Bronxville institution. Renowned for the quality and selection of its clothes, the store has garnered a reputation for being “the place” for Bronxville residents looking for clothes with classic styling, impeccable tailoring and fine fabrics.

A destination store for those with discriminating tastes, ADRIAN EAST has built upon the original Fierson’s customer base and continues to cater to customers from not only Bronxville, but from neighboring towns such as Scarsdale, Larchmont and Rye and neighboring states including Connecticut and New Jersey.

When Adrian East bought the store, she knew that with the technological advances the country saw in the period between the 1960’s and the millennium, an online presence was imperative. While the Fierson’s website gave customers who were not within driving distance (or who preferred to do their shopping in their pajamas!) an opportunity to buy what others covet; the site has now been completely revamped under the new ADRIAN EAST logo and brand and allows clients to easily not only gain access to the latest items arriving in the store, but also, though our “preview” section and pre-order functionality, to purchase clothing that is not yet even in the store!.

The selections you will find in the store and on these pages has changed significantly over the years; while maintaining the quality and uniqueness of the clothing, current owner, Adrian East, definitely took it “up a notch” when she bought the Fierson name and legacy in late 2002. A former Wall-Street executive with a financial, IT and marketing background, Adrian decided to focus on bringing in the designer styles and looks that can’t be found in the malls of America and the big-box stores. She focuses on the special, the unique. Adrian likes to say that her most important role is that of editing; she does the editing for you so you don’t have to sort through the ordinary and mundane!

It is this very personal stamp on everything in the store that precipitated the name change from Fiersons to ADRIAN EAST. More and more, customers came in not for what Fierson’s was, but for what Adrian made it. Clients were buying Adrian’s selections, buying into HER unique design aesthetic, her way of merchandising.

While maintaining the quality and integrity for which Fierson’s was always known, Adrian took the store in a different direction; embarking on a major expansion in terms of the selection and volume of clothing carried. She brought in many new, upscale Italian and French lines such as Lili Gaufrette, Petit Bateau, and Il Gufo. While still maintaining her core of traditional styles, she also brought in some more high-fashion, trendier items from manufacturer’s such as Jottum and Wheat.

This synthesis of historical quality with a new-found upscale edge is what makes the ADRIAN EAST boutique unique and is what keeps clients coming back for more.

This Month's Offer
fierson moved
fierson moved
This Month's Offer

In February, we again underscore last month’s message about LESS really being more.

With Communion season in full swing, and customers already snatching up the new Easter styles that are arriving daily, we want to again emphasize the fact that little girls don’t NEED sparkles, layers of tulle and extravagant beading.

Keep it simple. Elegant. Refined. Lovely.

For Easter, smocking and tailored lines rule.

For communion, our classic styles are inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  Many of the styles designed by ADRIAN EAST herself.

If you haven’t already, check out one of Adrian’s favorite blogs about the subject .. “First Communion or First Wedding”.

....and follow us on Facebook if you agree that girls need to be little girls! 

....and take a look at a few of our private-label styles:

communion dresses